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Getting Involved at St Paul
St Paul is a great church with lots of faces. It’s a place that if you wanted to, you could slip in & out each weekend never to be noticed.  But we believe that Jesus intended more for us as His church.  We know that God is doing something extremely special here in this church family & we want you to be a part of that.  We would love for you to be able to Team with One Another through building healthy relationships & community.
Here at St Paul Church we love to see people get involved.  Here are several ways that you can be a part of what is going on here & in our community.
PRAYER CHAIN – The St Paul UCC Prayer Chain works primarily through an email format to spread prayer joys and concerns to it’s members.  We also meet approximately twice a year for prayer, Bible Study, and discussion. If you have a joy or concern you would like lifted up in prayer, the Prayer Chain is ready and available. You are also invited to join this growing ministry. All are welcome! Contact Pastor Becky at 419-953-1152 or berbstrang@stpaulnb.org for more information.

BUSY TWELVE – The Busy Twelve had its beginning in 1908 when a group of 50 little girls, under the leadership of several teachers, was organized.  It was then called the Sewing Circle/Children’s Society. The teachers taught the children to sew aprons, dust caps, hankies, bibs, dolls, sunbonnets and pillowcases.  They sent the gifts to the Detroit Orphanage and other institutions.

By 1923 the group had grown to 96 children.  There were now 12 teachers and it was suggested that the group’s name be changed to the Busy Twelve.

In 1953, due to loss of interest, the children’s involvement in the group was discontinued, but the Busy Twelve kept right on earning money to help the missions. They served dinners for various groups and provided a lunch stand at house and farm sales.

Some of the Busy Twelve’s special projects were the purchase and dedication of the piano for the sanctuary in 1958 on their 50th anniversary and the 125th anniversary of the church, and also the purchase of a refrigerator and stove for the kitchen in the Educational Building.  A room was also furnished for the Auglaize School.

In 2008, the Busy Twelve marked its 100th anniversary.  Today, meetings are still being held once a month with scripture, prayer, singing, business and sewing.  The group supports various mission projects

FUNERAL LUNCHEON COMMITTEE – In April 1979, the Funeral Luncheon Committee was formed.  This need became evident at the funeral of Lina Brucken in January 1979 when a large number of persons attended from out of town and needed the caring support of being fed.  The goal of the committee is to provide a delicious meal after a funeral for the support and comfort of St. Paul families in their time of sorrow. To schedule a funeral luncheon, please contact the church office at 419-629-2502.

MISSION TEAM – In May 2002, the Mission Team was formed to empower and celebrate our congregation’s greatest attribute—a long history of mission support through many contributions of time, called_to_servetalent and money.  The Mission Team strives to enhance communication among the many mission projects of our church.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS – The Circle of Friends greeting card ministry began in 2002 as a way we remember with our cards, thoughts and prayers, members of our congregation who are homebound or are residing in assisted living and nursing homes.  Our goal is to make sure that these people realize they are a important part o our church family.  The greeting cards that appear at each of the church entrances on Sunday mornings and the Saturday evening worship services are also a part of the Circle of Friends ministry. Currently, the Circle of Friends consists of 26 members who send greetings to about 30 people.  Each member sens 2 or 3 cards per month to different residents on our list.  Become a Circle of Friends member as a way to help remind those congregational members who are unable to attend that they are not forgotten..

WOMEN’S SERVICE GROUP – The Women’s Service Group enjoys many activities throughout the year, including fellowship, educational events, and mission projects.  The group is comprised of members and non-members of St. Paul.  Meetings of the group are held the second Thursday of the month, September through June, at 1pm. Please contact the church office if you are interested in participating in this fun group!

GARDEN CLUB – The St. Paul Garden Club evolved in the spring of 2000.  After professional landscaping had been completed around the church the previous fall, a few members saw a need for someone to maintain it.  That first spring over 1000 annual flowers were planted to enhance the grounds.    In the spring of 2002, the Garden Club took on the task of removing overgrown shrubs around the parsonage and replacing them with new landscaping.  Since then, other landscaping projects have been completed by the group.  The Garden Club also weeds, waters, prunes shrubs and mulches all of the landscape beds surrounding the church, Educational Building and parsonage.

If interested, contact Kathy Topp at klt@nktelco.net

WORSHIP TEAM – The Worship Team meets approximately four times a year to prepare for upcoming worship services and liturgical seasons.  The Worship Team consists of all members of the music staff, the Elders, Head Deacon and Council President and Vice President as well as other interested members.  All are welcome to join this dynamic Team.

pluggedinministriesSENIOR LUNCHEON – The luncheons, held in the Assembly Room the third Thursday of each month, September thru May, are prepared by the St. Paul Cookers.  The hot meals are open to “seniors” who are members of St. Paul as well as those from the wider community.  Attendance usually averages around 40 people.  The chefs offer varied menus, sometimes with a creative twist.  A free-will offering made by those attending enables the program to continue and remain self-sufficient.  Reservations are appreciated and may be made by calling the church office.

CHANCEL CHOIR – The Chancel choir meets every Wednesday evening at 8 pm.  The choir sings a mix of more contemporary music as well as traditional classes, and can be heard on Sunday mornings from September thru May.  We are always looking for people to join us.  Must not be an expert…come join us for the fun and joy of singing for the Lord!

BELL CHOIR – The bell choir can be heard performing in church about once a month.  Practices are from 7-8 pm on Wednesday evenings. New members are always welcome!


DISCIPLESHIP TEAM – The Discipleship Team was formed in 2015 to find ways for our congregation to put faith into action.  The Team continues to host Family Fun Nights, Summer Porch Parties, Canvas & Coffee events, and finding other numerous ways to bring the congregation together.

The Team has also become a “Think Tank” of ideas of how to grow in faith and fellowship.  If you are interested in joining this hard-working Team, see Pastor Becky

BIBLE STUDY – Pastor Becky leads this weekly Bible Study.  It is held in the library, each Thursday at 7PM.  All are welcome!

BECKY’S BOOK CLUB – Each month, September thru May, Pastor Becky chooses a book for discussion.  Copies of the book are available in the office.  Members then gather at the parsonage the last Sunday evening of the month for a meal, fellowship and discussion.  This is a fun and lively group!  Everyone is encouraged to join in the fun!

CALLED TO CARE TEAM – The Called To Care Team’s primary ministry is leadership at the Maundy Thursday Healing Service.  This Team is looking for ways to grow.  Anyone interested in joining this life-giving ministry is invited to contact Pastor Becky.