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An important charter of St. Paul UCC is to perpetuate its history of mission support through personal skills and financial offerings.  The Mission Team serves oversees mission projects and educates the congregation about local, national and global needs and the means to meet them.

 St. Paul’s mission work stretches from the church doorstep all the way to El Salvador.  For a number of years, members of the congregation have joined Northwest Ohio Association missionaries to Back Bay in Mississippi and to El Salvador.  St. Paul contributed more than $40,000 and is a national leader in UCC’s Our Church’s Wider Mission and its four special mission offerings.  These “5 for 5” missions — One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, Neighbors in Need and Christmas Fund — are among St. Paul’s monthly offering-giving and personal participation.
Our mission efforts are diverse, and the Mission Team constantly searching for new outreach opportunities. Recent mission projects have included:
Back Bay Mission
Blankets Plus
Human Trafficking
Local Aid
Back Packs for Back to School
El Salvador
Christmas in July for Camp Washington
Crisis Center of Auglaize County
Camp Washington Gifts to the Manger
Church Parking Lot Project
Agape Ministries
Drinking water for Flint, Michigan
NuVision in Toledo
Crossroad Child & Family Services
Sisters in Shelter
Thistle Farms
Magdalene St. Louis
Heifer International
Sand Dams
UCC Disaster Relief
CUE Seminaries

The Mission Team strives to serve the congregation as partners in mission.  Together, they work to plan, lead, oversee and implement mission projects, as well as educate the congregation about local, national and global opportunities for mission.  Our leadership has also led to a partnership between our Association (Northwest Ohio) and the Lutheran Church of El Salvador.