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Sunday School For All Ages

At St Paul Church We Believe That Biblical

Learning Never Ends!


sundayschool_smOur ministry to children is not just babysitting.  It is an opportunity to train children to become followers of Jesus, to help them grow in their relationship with Him, and to learn how they can use their gifts to reach others for Him. As children’s ministry leaders, we are ready to “Grow in the Word of God”.  We have set the classrooms up so that the children will be learning with sunday-school-cute-graphic-1others of the same age.  This will also allow us to have assigned classroom teachers.  Every week the children will look forward to seeing the same teacher while the teacher looks forward to getting to know the children even better.  Building that personal, trusting relationship will provide the perfect environment for spiritual growth.  Bible exploration is number one on our priority list.  Children will be reading scripture from the Bible, exploring the many people and events that happened through the New and Old Testament.  Of Course, no Sunday School is complete without singing, dancing, crafts and sometimes a snack.  All fun activities will be centered around the lesson of the week.  Each class will also have an “end of year goal” that they will continually work on throughout the year!  I think the congregation will be excited to see and hear the children as they work towards their goals.

All ages (potty trained preschoolers) are invited to join in St Paul’s Sunday School program on Sunday mornings beginning at 9 am.  This year’s Sunday School offering will go to the Heifer Project.  Questions?  Please see Dee Schroer or Lisa Weigandt, or call the church office at 419-629-2502.

Sunday school is on Sunday mornings from 9am – 10am.  A light breakfast will be provided.

Adult Sunday School/Confirmation Classadult-sunday-school-main

Ever wish you could “re-do” confirmation now that you are an adult with an adult’s faith journey?  Pastor Becky will be teaching adults the same curriculum our confirmands use.  We’ll meet from 9-9:45 am in the church library.  Nursery and breakfast will be provided.  If you have questions, please contact Pastor Becky or the church office.

Please join us anytime – All are welcome!