Come for scripture, prayer, singing, business and sewing. Supports various mission projects

WHEN: Once a month

The Busy Twelve

The Busy Twelve had its beginning in 1908 when a group of 50 little girls, under the leadership of several teachers, was organized. It was then called the Sewing Circle/Children’s Society. The teachers taught the children to sew aprons, dust caps, hankies, bibs, dolls, sunbonnets and pillowcases. They sent the gifts to the Detroit Orphanage and other institutions.

By 1923 the group had grown to 96 children. There were now 12 teachers and it was suggested that the group’s name be changed to the Busy Twelve. 

In 1953, due to loss of interest, the children’s involvement in the group was discontinued, but the Busy Twelve kept right on earning money to help the missions. They served dinners for various groups and provided a lunch stand at house and farm sales.

Some of the Busy Twelve’s special projects were the purchase and dedication of the piano for the sanctuary in 1958 on their 50th anniversary and the 125th anniversary of the church, and also the purchase of a refrigerator and stove for the kitchen in the Educational Building. A room was also furnished for the Auglaize School.

In 2008, the Busy Twelve marked its 100th anniversary. Today, meetings are still being held once a month with scripture, prayer, singing, business and sewing. The group supports various mission projects

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